The Angriest States in America

In a nation as diverse and dynamic as the United States, emotions can run high—and anger is no exception. Anger, with its multifaceted manifestations, finds its way into various aspects of American life, from the roads we drive on to the virtual realms we navigate daily.

As we delve into understanding the angriest states in America, we turn to reliable sources for insight. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's most recent Fatality Analysis Reporting System sheds light on the impact of road rage on fatalities, while Wired magazine's investigation into online trolls unravels the tangled web of toxic internet comments. Needless to say, this gives us some idea as to the problem of anger in each state.

To examine the prevalence of anger in a broader societal context, BestLife drew upon the FBI's hate crime data, along with the other reporting mentioned above, to reveal the disturbing reality of anger-motivated incidents across the nation. By analyzing these sources, we can gain a glimpse into the complex and evolving landscape of anger in the United States, providing a nuanced perspective on the angriest states in the country.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the 15 angriest states in America from calmest to angriest…