The Stereotypical Meal That Represents Your State, According to Reddit

The Stereotypical Meal That Represents Your State, According to Reddit. The United States is a culinary wonder. We have all sorts of foods to choose on a daily basis from pizza to fried rice to perogies. That being said, some states are known for the food that they make. For example, Memphis is all about BBQ. When visiting the city, it’s impossible not to grab some delicious dry-rubbed or sauced-up ribs because they’re undoubtedly going to be the best.

Of course, not every state is known for one thing in particular. California has everything under the sun. It’s such a huge state, too, so there’s a ton of different cultures and peoples that brought delicious food from all over the world. That still doesn’t mean that California isn’t known for one thing.

If you could describe your state using one dish, one meal, what would it be? Would you say BBQ or do you think tacos are more your state’s style? Today, we’re going to go over recipes that stereotypically represents every single state.

These dishes were chosen by Reddit users who actually live in the state. The question was prompted by a Reddit user who wanted to tour the United States without actually leaving her home. What better way to tour the U.S. than by taste? We’re showing you the top answers for each state. Some of these dishes sound absolutely delicious, and they’re on our “to-make” list.