The Most Dangerous Road in Each State

America is a nation of roads. In many ways, roads keep us connected, weaving into one another, allowing us to freely pass state lines. Roads allow us to visit family, travel to new places, and take in the country as a whole. Zipping down the highway in an automobile can be one of the most relaxing weekend experiences, provided you are on the right path. 

While there are plenty of safe roads to travel with gorgeous views to behold, there are other roads where you need to be a lot more vigilant. Some roads, you may even want to avoid entirely if you can help it. We've compiled a list of the most dangerous roads in the country, based on the average number of fatalities that occur each year. Many of these roads are extremely busy, making fatal crashes inevitable. Remember that Robert Frost took the road less traveled by. Why? Because he knew the other one would kill him! 

Okay, maybe that's not what he meant - but the point is there's an advantage in taking the road less traveled. With that said, here are the most dangerous roads in each state. Avoid these roads or travel at your own risk…