The Richest Royals in the World, Ranked

Just how rich is the British royal family and how do they compare with the others? There are numerous royal families in the world and many of them you might not even be aware of. So indeed, despite what some might say, the monarchy is not quite dead. In fact, many of these royal families in existence are so wealthy and powerful, that they practically rule the world.

The British royal family is the one most of us are familiar with but you may not realize they aren’t even the richest royal family in the world. Although they certainly have a lot. But it's more than Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Prince William bringing in all that wealth. They are just a few pieces of the puzzle, and when you consider all the members of the royal family, the net worth figure may surprise you.

Some royal families include thousands of members, so their numbers are even higher! We’ve taken a look at the wealthiest royals in the world and ranked them by net worth. The amount of wealth that some of these families have amassed is jaw-dropping. With that said, let’s take a look at the richest royals in the world, ranked.