Signs You're From the South

If you’ve been following the latest trend on TikTok, then you likely saw a LOT of southern girls during the recruitment process at the University of Alabama. And while the lion's share of these young ladies are from the South, it begs the question: How do you know if someone is from the South? It's more than simple geography, ranging from Texas across the coast to the Carolinas. Southern is a way of life.

Any good Southerner will have multiple answers ranging from southern sayings to food to dress to ideals. There’s plenty of good and bad to come out of the South—but isn’t that true anywhere? It's so much more than just watching Southern Charm on Bravo, driving a pickup truck, or paying for a subscription to Southern Living magazine. Being Southern is a lifestyle, a birthright, a legacy, a perspective. It’s a whole VIBE that is heads and shoulders above everything else.

Southerners are thankful and blessed to be Southern—so here are 15 signs you’re from the South!