Home Decor That Just Screams "Granny Chic"

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go! Listen, there’s been a lot of trends resurfacing lately that seriously need to be discussed before you fall victim to “Granny Chic.” Not that there’s anything wrong with your grandma’s house, but… just keep that over at her house!

“Granny Chic” can sneak up on you. No one intentionally packs their homes with baby dolls and tchotchkes. You just look up one day and your shelves are lined with sweet baby angels staring through the depths of your soul, filling your home with that mysterious grandma smell. No one knows how it happens, it just does! It’s like they smell the patchouli and move in. 

We’re here to help you avoid slipping into those insidious design trends that can seriously date your home. Consider this Granny Chic Anonymous, where you can hash out your bad decor decisions and learn to do better, together. 

From crochet to potpourri, these are the things that make your home scream “Granny Chic.” Plot twist, a few of these may be lurking in your home right now. If you’re into interior design, like us, check out the article we picked just for you at the end of this one!