Yellowstone Actors and Their Real-Life Partners

If you're not currently glued to the television on Sunday nights, you've probably never heard of the Dutton family and their small ranch outside of Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone National Park has become a cultural icon. Many male cast members appear on at least one viewer's "crush list."

To be honest, Yellowstone was not expected to be a success and was even passed over before it became popular. Behind the scenes, you'll find a talented cast of actors with major acting chops, appearances, and awards. Yellowstone has become the show that people can't stop talking about, much to the surprise of those who didn't want it. Sometimes bad TV shows catch on with audiences, but that wasn't the case with this one. Yellowstone deserves every accolade that is bestowed upon it.

While the Duttons are mostly concerned with defending their land from land developers, local Indian reservations, and national parks, they also have some romance, from Rip and Beth to Jimmy and Mia. After all, what good show doesn't have at least one romantic subplot? However, because the show is still on the air, many fans are wondering if the Yellowstone stars are actually romantically involved. So, we'll answer it here. Continue reading to learn more about the cast of Yellowstone and their real-life partners.