These Tattooed Seniors Prove That Ink is Cool at Any Age

Any tattooed person gets the same, age-old judgy comments: “You know those will look terrible when you’re older,” and “You’re totally gonna regret those tattoos when you’re 80!” The verdict’s in, and it looks like the inked-up seniors in our lives look just as cool as when their skin was freshly-tatted. These seniors are happy to rock the tattoos they decided to get when they were younger, and we're sure some of them are getting new ones even today! Now that's serious commitment, but they say it can be an adrenaline rush!

Not to mention, what’s it matter to anyone if you want to get a butterfly tramp stamp? Have we all forgotten the Golden Rule? If you start judging people for their self-expression, you’ll be judged right back. If you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep it to yourself. It's time to let people express themselves through tattoos. These seniors prove that there's truly #NoRagrets when it comes to getting permanent ink on the body. 

All we know is that these 30 tattooed seniors are cooler than we’ll ever be! Do you regret not getting any tattoos?