The Most Annoying Christmas Songs of All Time, Ranked

Christmas music — you either love it or hate it. But in most cases, people at least find the classics tolerable. It's tradition, right? You must listen to "Jingle Bells" at least four times to kick in the holiday season. And for people who love the holidays, listening to a good Christmas song can really put you in the Christmas spirit.

When a musician covers a classic like "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)" or "Winter Wonderland," it’s usually fine, but sometimes they get creative and turn Christmas into some cheesy pop music fest, and it’s 100% cringe. And then there are the classics that have been covered way too many times—or are perhaps more popular than they should be.

With that said, we’ve comprised a list of the most annoying Christmas songs, ranked for your pleasure—or rather lack of. Let’s take a look! And if you want to enjoy the season, be sure to avoid actually listening to these.

If you just love to hate popular songs that are way too overplayed, make sure to check out the article and related reads after this one! There's way more in store to read about. You're not alone!