The 20 Biggest Draft Busts in NFL History

Scouting and drafting talent is challenging. Despite all the measurables and statistics available to NFL franchises, drafting the next generation of franchise players for an organization is not an exact science. Sometimes the “intangibles” mean more than the measurables. Sometimes, success doesn’t translate from college to the professional game. Sometimes, players are quickly Injured and never reach their potential. Still, it seems like drafting a future star in the league is sometimes luck, and maybe a mix of art and science.

As long as there is a draft in the NFL, there will be busts. As long as there are busts, there will be franchises firing and searching for new General Managers to run the drafts in the future. In honor of the start of the NFL season (Thank goodness football is back!!!), we will take a look at some of the biggest busts in league history. Was anyone missed? Who do you think should be on here? From 20 to 1, here we go. Let’s do this!