Here's What the Duggars Are Up to Now

The Duggar family first gained national attention in 2004 when they were featured on a one-hour documentary special called "14 Children and Pregnant Again!" that aired on Discovery Health Channel. The special showcased the lives of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their growing family of children, at the time numbering 14 little ones. Following the success of the documentary special, TLC approached the family about creating a reality TV show, which eventually became "17 Kids and Counting," premiering in 2008. The show continued to air and the family's size grew, resulting in the name changing to "18 Kids and Counting" and later to "19 Kids and Counting."

The show followed the lives of the Duggar family as they navigated the challenges of raising a large family while also adhering to their conservative Christian beliefs. The show portrayed the family as a wholesome and devoutly religious clan, and it became a ratings hit for TLC. Over the years, the Duggar family became one of TLC's most popular and recognizable reality TV personalities, often appearing in specials and spin-off shows. However, the show's cancellation in 2015 due to Josh Duggar's scandal brought the family's public image under scrutiny and led to the eventual cancellation of "Counting On" in 2021.

You probably know all of the eldest Duggar's scandals, but what about the rest of the clan? What is the biggest family from TLC doing now? Here's what we know about the Duggars after retiring from reality TV.