Here's What Celebrities Who Died Young Would Look Like Today, According to AI

Billy Joel once said, "only the good die young" - okay, well, maybe a lot of people said that before Billy Joel, but he also said it too! But no matter. The point is there have been numerous beloved celebrities over the years that we've lost way too soon. Some of these people have left behind a huge legacy that has cemented their place in pop culture, making them well-talked-about even to this day.

Moreover, these celebrities have taught us to live life to the fullest, because you never know when your time on this Earth (sorry to exclude anyone reading this from a space station) has come to an end. But cliches aside, it really is hard not to miss some of these celebrities and wonder what they would be like today.

Personality-wise, it would be hard to surmise just exactly what they would be like as people, but thanks to AI technology, we can predict what they might look like today. And that's just what we've done.

Here you'll find some of the most iconic celebrities in history, who died much too young, and what they would look like if they were alive today, according to AI. Let's take a look!