Here's What These Stars Would Look Like as Disney Villains

Image generators using artificial intelligence to create lifelike pictures have taken the world by storm in a shockingly short span of time. With nothing more than just a few user-inputted keywords, these machines can create basically any image you could think up—including celebrities we'd love to see star as Disney villains!

Today, we're taking a look at what could be if these global superstars ever got the opportunity to star as an iconic Disney villain done in the style of Pixar animation. Despite the fact that these celebs have never actually taken a turn as a Disney baddie, with the help of this new and exciting technology, we can imagine what their roles might be. 

While some of these stars seem like a more obvious fit for villainous roles than others on the list, all these would-be villains will leave you shaking in your boots...and wishing you could see them on the big screen some day! Ever wondered what Lady Gaga would look like as an evil queen? We've got you covered! Tom Hanks as a murderous Woody? We've got that too! If you can dream it up, these AI image generators can make it a reality! 

Let's get started!