The Fall of an NFL Star and Rise of a Killer: The Aaron Hernandez Story

Tight end for the NFL, Aaron Hernandez had an illustrious but fleeting career with the New England Patriots, having played only three seasons with the renowned team. During his NFL career, he managed to earn 175 receptions and 18 touchdowns. He even made one notable appearance at Super Bowl XLVI. But all of it was for naught, as his career would be overshadowed by controversy and MURDER.

Aaron Hernadez had everything going for him, but he struggled with a life of trauma as he couldn’t seem to help himself with numerous run-ins with the law. His aggressions on the field bled into his personal life, as he would become violent at even the most minor offenses.

From bar fights to double homicide, Aaron Hernandez quickly became one of the most notorious NFL stars of all time, which made for exciting press but a damaged reputation that ended his career. His story is told in the Netflix documentary Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, which gives some serious insight into his headspace.

This NFL star may not have had a long career, but he’s certainly one of the most interesting. And with that said, let’s take a look at Aaron Hernandez and his journey from NFL star to convicted killer…