40 Tackiest Christmas Trees

Evergreens have been a symbol of winter festivities for thousands of years. Some believed Fir trees to have special powers to keep away evil spirits during winter, so they would decorate their homes with pine for protective reasons. In Northern Hemisphere, many ancient people celebrated the winter solstice with Evergreen trees to represent the soon coming of spring.

We can thank the British for the Christmas Tree finally making it to the U.S. after the publication of "The Queen's Christmas tree at Windsor Castle” in 1848. Since then Christmas trees have become the main symbol of winter holidays, community, family and terrible decorating choices.

From mismatched ornaments, inability to tell the difference between an actual tree and a sad twiggy disaster, to drowning each and every limb in pretty much anything you can think of, this list of 40 tackiest trees will make most of us feel like pros.

Ditch the tinsel and those outdated ornaments from a decade ago. Ladders belong in our garages and not in family rooms (thanks Pinterest), and for Christmas Tree’s sake ants and other disgusting bugs don’t need another reason to get into our homes, so keep food and candy in their respective containers.

Life's too short for a badly decorated tree! Here are 40 examples of what NOT to do this holiday season.