30 Songs That Defined the '90s

Angst. Heartbreak. Grunge. Line dancing. Power ballads. Yep, you guessed it: the '90s. A volatile time of the happiness and excess of the '80s crashing headfirst into a new decade full of peace and prosperity.

What’s interesting is that the music of the decade couldn’t have been farther from it. While we were all obsessing over our supersized meals and Beanie Babies, bands out of the Pacific northwest were rising, along with a host of country crossover superstars. And when we weren’t trying feverishly to keep your Tamagotchi alive or tearing through the Harry Potter series, we were glued to the radio—listening for metal that was becoming mainstream, rap that was taking over, and everything in-between.

Thanks to those nifty fellas at Google, you likely surfed your way into this list of the 30 songs that defined the '90s. Throw on your FUBU, a worn flannel, your best Goth look, some Doc Martens, and read ahead.