15 Highest-Grossing Disney Movies of All Time

Disney movies hold a special place in most people’s hearts. Most of us grew up with these films, and they continue to be some of the best releases of the year. It makes sense, though. Disney has the money and reaches to get some of the best animators, directors, actors, and storyboard writers in the business. Few can touch what they’ve built.

We all remember snuggling up to watch a movie we’d seen a dozen times before and still crying in the beginning – we know it’s the Disney way. If the film doesn’t make you feel some super strong emotions, it probably isn’t that great.  

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the highest-grossing Disney movies that have ever been released. The list might be surprising unless you’re a die-hard Disney fan. Some of the films we expected to make the list didn’t! Even more shocking, some of the movies we thought would make the list just barely etched out in favor of…well, we’ll let you find that out!

Let’s go over Disney’s highest-grossing movies of all time to show why they truly are one of the best out there.

All facts and figures from Wikipedia.