20 Holiday Traditions the Royal Family Takes Very Seriously

Most families have cherished annual traditions that they look forward to each holiday season, and the house of Windsor is no exception. The Royal family has their own traditions and ways of celebrating at the holidays, just like your family does. You may even find you have some traditions in common, or you may find a new one you want to make your own, but one thing you won’t find lacking in the Royal family is love and a spirit of togetherness. Well, a spirit of togetherness as long as you are part of the “real” royal family.

For example, you can only attend Christmas Eve at Sandringham House if you are an official member—as in married to or born from the immediate family. The only exceptions ever to this rule have been recently with Meghan Markle, who was invited to her first Christmas Eve as Harry’s Fiancé last year, and now Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, who will celebrate with them all this year. The queen supposedly extended that invitation because she wanted Mrs. Ragland to be able to celebrate with Harry and Meghan as well! (And if Sandringham house has anything, it is plenty of room!)

From holiday games to late night dinners, the Queen and her noble brood sure know how to celebrate in style. Here are 20 royal holiday traditions you probably didn’t know about!