30 Dark Theories About Beloved Childhood Cartoons

Whether it Looney Tunes or Rugrats, Peter Pan or Frozen, we all have our childhood favorites. Cartoons often help shape our young minds, which is why so many of them offer valuable lessons about life and our relationship with the world. But what happens when we grow up? 

Sometimes those lessons don't always hold true,  and looking at something with a more developed perspective can really change how we perceive things.  Moreover, looking back on some of our favorite childhood cartoons brings up some interesting questions we never thought to ask before.  Digging under the surface of these cartoons and examining them with an analytical eye really gives you a deeper, and sometimes darker, interpretation.

You may remember classic Looney Toons and Cartoon Network shows as heartwarming parts of your childhood, but there’s a lot of evidence that these "happy" cartoons are actually telling surprisingly dark stories! What's really going on in your favorite animated shows and films? Here are some of the most popular dark theories about beloved childhood classics you may not have even thought of. But we have to warn you, once you go down this rabbit hole with us, there's no going back. Let's take a look...