30 Celebrities Banned From Other Countries

You would think that celebrities would be welcomed anywhere in the world with open arms, but that isn’t the case for some A-listers. For varying reasons, these stars have earned their spot on the exclusive list of no entrance! Every country and culture has their own cultures and customs, and these celebs stomped all over them. Celebrities are known for their stunts for publicity, but maybe they take things a little too far sometimes.

Their movies, statements, or actions made a lasting impression on leaders around the world, and several have decided it’s better if these stars stay away…far away. Sad news for fans, but it’s just one of those moments where you can’t win over everyone. There’s always someone out there who can’t take a joke or mind their own business, unfortunately leaders in these countries are some of those same people.

We’re not going to lie, several of the things that landed these stars in hot water with other countries is pretty petty. However, some are completely understandable. Here are 30 celebrities who have been banned from countries around the world due to their behavior. While being barred from a country isn’t a laughing matter, the reasons behind it are sure to make you chuckle.