The Worst-Made Cars of All Time

Cars have come a long way in terms of technology. Achieving tremendous horsepower, remarkable fuel economy and plenty of modern conveniences and safety features, modern cars are quite simply put - better and safer than ever before. Nevertheless, we never would have gotten where we are now without some failures along the way.

 When you think about "Classic Cars," you probably think about the beloved sports cars of yesteryear that were fun to drive and made a big splash in the nostalgia department. However, there are a variety of "Classic Cars," that are well-known for their notoriety. Whether suffering from an unattractive exterior, a bare-bones interior, performance letdowns or significant safety concerns, the worst cars of all-time are classics in their own right.

After all, the point of knowing your history is to avoid the mistakes of the past, and that's helped automakers move on past these blunders. Some of these cars you may remember while others are well before your time. These are the worst-made cars of all time.