50 Dumbest Wedding Traditions

Weddings are expensive and stressful, but they’re one of the biggest days any couple will ever have together. While it’s their day, many couples feel the pressure to abide by tradition whether it’s from friends, wedding planners, or even their family. This can cause even more hair-pulling worries, especially when their view of a wedding clashes with that’s normal. This goes even further for couples that want to have an updated and more modernized wedding rather than the traditional option.

Well, we’re here to say that some wedding traditions should stop being done. Some traditions are beyond outdated, and are a little ridiculous, in all honesty. Many of these are on the list because they can be super sexist and embarrassing for one or more people. Others are just incredibly expensive, and that money can be spent elsewhere to make the day truly special without spending yourself into bankruptcy. 

If you’re planning a wedding, here are 50 things you may think about omitting and why they should be removed. Of course, your wedding is up to you, but our list may help give you a little affirmation of your own feelings and thoughts! Don’t feel pressured into listening to any one person for your special day.