55 Spring Fashion Trends Blooming Right Now

Spring has officially sprung. It’s time for flowers to begin blooming and the weather to get a little warmer – at least, we hope the temperatures start bumping up. Spring is also a big time for fashion. This is around the time that designers begin releasing their brand-new designs for spring and summer, and we have a look at what’s going to be “in” this year. Granted, few of us are probably going to run out and buy the brand-new Chanel, but department stores pay attention to what walks across the runway. If Chanel has a lot of straight-brimmed hats, you can bet that you'll see this style at the front of your nearest clothing store. 

This year is the time to bring stuff back. It’s all about comfort, especially this spring and summer. If you’re the type that loves pants and the “bold” look, you’re going to be all about this year. Another trend that’s huge is saturated colors. Statement pieces are making a huge comeback, especially while the weather is cool. We’re talking bright, saturated hues that can be used monochromatically or even paired up with some neutrals to make it really stand out.

If you’re the type to dress comfortably or you love statement pieces, you’re going to love this year. Here are 55 trends that you’re going to see everywhere this spring and summer.