40 Co-Stars Who Dated Off-Screen

Ah, romance--something both the big and small screens are more than happy to deliver to us. There’s some kind of satisfaction seeing two beloved movie or TV characters fall madly in love with one another, especially if the actors and actresses manage to nail the characters.

What if it’s not all acting though? What if some of those beautiful character romances that viewers love so much run a little bit deeper, and that romance you see isn’t just two people playing a part. It happens more often than you think.

It makes sense for celebrities to date their co-stars. After all, they’re spending hours and hours a day with each other, getting intimately close in some situations. And if their characters are romantically involved, sometimes it’s hard to believe that that love the viewers see isn’t real.

However, celebrities live under constant watch, their lives being picked apart and examined under a microscope. This probably makes it kind of difficult to date and maintain a public relationship. So, these stars kept their relationships secret from the prying eyes of their adoring public, sometimes for months or years. Some ended up marrying while others ended it after a brief time. However, these 40 celebrity couples managed to keep their relationships under the radar and on their own terms. How many did you know about?