The Most Famous Mugshots of All Time

Getting arrested isn’t usually a super glamorous or fun process. Someone does something that gets them into trouble. They're shoved unceremoniously into the back of a police car and taken to the jailhouse to have a mugshot taken. Then friends, family, co-workers, employers, and literally everyone else gets to see the mugshot. If that person is lucky (or unlucky) enough, their mugshot could go viral, just like these. Not exactly a moment a person would normally think to smile, laugh, or be proud about. Some of these people, however, break the mold.

Celebrities are often people with some of the most shared, well-known, or talked about mugshots. It’s probably all that celebrity power that makes them not truly care about being taken to jail. Some of them even treat it more like they’re on the runway or posting a picture to Instagram (a couple of these celebrities actually did do that). But there are definitely some gold photos from regular, everyday people. Crazy face tattoos, half-shaven beards, super ironic shirts, smirks, peace signs, or just being overly attractive, this list covers the whole spectrum.

After looking at these wild, funny, or just downright weird mugshots, it’s not hard to understand how these mugshots became so iconic. See how many you recognize!