50 Gross Foods Only Baby Boomers Still Think Are Cool

There’s lots of things millennials like to blame Baby Boomers for, and nasty foods are the cherry on top of an unfortunate list. Due to the “boom” of babies born post-WWII, the meals characterizing American households were cheap, frozen, and easily prepared. More children equaled less time to cook, which skyrocketed pre-packaged meals into common use.

It's hard to eat healthy and have good-tasting food, but things like SPAM and fruitcake miss the mark in both categories. What's wrong with a cup of fruit? Or even some turkey bacon? Why do we have to result to meat in a can or a mish-mash of fruits, nuts, cream shortening and sugar? 

With Boomers growing older, the foods they were raised on are declining in popularity. And with the constant push-and-pull of intergenerational strife, Boomers are clinging to their beloved childhood meals as if they’re the only foods worth considering. Unfortunately, their judgment has stalled since the war, and we’ve produced a list of the 50 grossest foods that only baby boomers still appreciate.

It's hard to admit when you're wrong, especially if nostalgia is attached to these beloved meals, but hear us out. There's plenty of reasons why these foods aren't the staple of Millennial tables.