Best and Worst States to Retire

It’s never too soon to think about retirement. Someone that's sixteen and halfway through their first shift bagging groceries probably longs for the days when they can do nothing all day, every day. However, someone that's at the end of a 60-hour workweek in their mid-40s, only to come home to screaming children and bratty teenagers, that beautiful retirement age can’t come soon enough. If the age is within reach, it probably doesn’t feel like it'll ever get here.

Fear not. The day will come sooner than you think! When it hits, what then? What are you going to do after a week of boredom? Where are you going to live now that you’re not tied down to a job? Where’s your family? Are you moving closer or further away? Are you going to move closer to the city or are you ready to just get away from everything? And of course, you’re going to need to consider how your future home treats retirees. Every state does it differently, and you’ve got fifty to sort through. Lucky for you, we did the hard work. This list will tell you the states you really should think about and the states you should actively avoid. These are the best and the worst.